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At Precious Metal Buyers we buy gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal scraps including industrial platinum, palladium and rhodium. At our Silicon Valley facilities we are able to assay and smelt gold, silver and platinum. We serve jewelers,be sure to bookmark our site and check the current spot prices on gold, silver, platinum, and Diamonds


As a complete and one stop refinery, we offer:

The most value for your gold, silver, platinum, and precious metal scrap
Our percentanges paid to our customers have increased !!!
If your settlement is over $8,000 you can choose between a free one-ounce silver coin or free shipping.

Settlment Options

We offer a variety of settlement options for you to choose from

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Turnaround Time

We offer fast turnaround time for your precious metal refining

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No Fees

No refining charges or fees ever!

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