Precious Metals Buyers wants your silver! We are paying the highest price for silver coins, silver jewelry, Native silver, silver flatware, silver bars, and other silver items.

What determines the price of my silver?

Because of its soft nature, silver is often mixed with other metals – this, in fact, is the difference between an item that is “fine silver” versus “sterling silver”. Sterling silver items are mixed with metals such as copper to strengthen the final product. Please remember also not to polish any silver items before bringing them in – the original patina may help increase their value.

How does PMB determine the value of my silver?

All of our Precious Metals Buyers locations have a state-of-the-art X-Ray gun that tells us the precise elemental analysis of alloy materials in an object. Thermo Fisher Scientific, a reputable company and leader in lab equipment, makes the machine; PMB uses their Niton XRF Analyzer model. The machine is easy to use, tests your silver or silver jewelry within seconds without damaging it, and allows us to have accurate results on the precise elemental makeup of your item. With the help of this tool, we know the exact amount of silver in an object, so we can guarantee our customers the highest payout possible.

We buy all types of Sterling Silver

  • Silver coins
  • Silver flatware
  • Sterling tea sets
  • Native American silver jewelry
  • Silver jewelry
  • Silver wire and sheets
  • Silver bars and rounds